The Dirty Diamond Band

 There’s nothing like the sound of a rock band with true chemistry. It’s undeniable that The Dirty Diamond is a band with a bond that can only be described as a brotherhood. The four-piece has been generating major buzz in its hometown of Los Angeles with their high-energy live show. They’ve headlined some of the most notable venues in L.A., including The Troubadour, House Of Blues, The Viper Room, Roxy, The El Rey, and the Greek Theatre (among others). 


The Dirty Diamond is made up of some of the finest and most sought-after musicians in Los Angeles. Guitarist Fernando Perdomo is a producer and session multi-instrumentalist who has toured and recorded with Jakob Dylan, Fiona Apple, Todd Rundgren, and many more. Drummer Shay Godwin tours the world with the amazing Andra Day. Bassist Derek Frank currently tours with Gwen Stefani and the legendary Shania Twain. These musicians work hard, but The Dirty Diamond is where their talents shine the brightest. The four lads are best friends and the camaraderie is obvious on and off the stage.


Underneath the intense outer layer of the music is a massive amount of heart and soul, culled from the essence of timeless and boundless rock songwriting.  Front man Sam Babayan is a shaman-like troubadour with lyrics and melodies that touch the heart and make you feel alive. Echoes of George Harrison in his voice and slide guitar playing make for a familiar experience while listening to The Dirty Diamond.


Their new album From The Stars, set for release in June, has a sound all its own. It was recorded in the legendary Bell Sound Studios in Los Angeles, where icons including Johnny Cash, Stephen Stills and Brian Wilson have created some of their most memorable works. The band's live sound is captured perfectly, as the basic tracks were recorded live. Vintage equipment was used on every song, giving From The Stars a timeless feel that will attract a wide age-range of fans. 


Passionate performances are all over the 10 songs that make up From The Stars. The first single, "Going Through Changes" is a high-energy duet with Andra Day that bridges the gap between Psychedelic Rock and Gritty R&B. Babayan and Day trade lines effortlessly while the band grooves with reckless abandon. 


The Dirty Diamond is ready to shine.  Clean it off and stick it in your pocket... it will always be with you. In your heart.